How to Become a Fashion Designer

A fashion designer takes part in shaping consumer trends by making their designs available for the greater public. She brings out the “style” in people and gets satisfaction from doing so. A fashion designer also enjoys the prestigious image of being a celebrity, regardless of his seniority. A fashion designer is often perceived as a highly interesting and artistic person who possesses genuine aesthetic qualities. And of course, people would love to know a fashion designer!

Another salivating benefit of being a fashion designer is the earning potential. Senior, self-employed fashion designers can earn millions of dollars annually. Can you imagine how much Donna Karan, Calvin Klein and Vera Wang earn per year? According to The Princeton Review, entry-level designers earn anywhere between $20,000 and $30,000. Top designers can expect to earn $200,000 or more depending on their experience.

The US apparel industry is a $172 billion industry. Imagine how big the opportunity is for you. With the right product, the right timing, and the right promotion approach, you can easily tap into this market and rake a few million dollars for yourself. All you need to do is start. Now.

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